Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Prekese Brew!

Prekese is a fruit from the Aridan tree which mainly grows in West Africa. It's used as a flavouring in soups and drinks. Its strong, sweet, earthy smell gives soups so much body and richness and the taste is just muah! Palm nut soup is never palm nut soup for me without the full bodied flavour of Prekese. It's a source of natural multivitamins and it's used in soups for pregnant women. It also helps reduce asthma attack, and helps blood flow. Ha! So who said African food ain't healthy? Over to you Oga!

To get most of the multivitamins into my system, I decided to make juice from Prekese. See below for my recipe. Try it and let me know how you like it.

  • 2 - 3 medium size Prekese (Aridan fruit) washed and bruised/broken up
  • Fresh ginger root peeled and crushed (size used depends on your preference, I use about my thumb’s length)
  • Juice of 1 medium size lemon
  • 3 litres warm of water
  • Honey to taste


Place the warm water in a bowl with a lid. Soak the bruised/broken up Prekese in warm water and cover the bowl with the lid. Let the Prekese soak overnight. The longer it is allowed to soak, the more it releases all the juice and flavour from its pods.

In my case, I ended up soaking it for 2 days, just because I forgot all about it! Try not to let it soak for too long as it will start to ferment.

After the soaking period, add the juice of one lemon and crushed ginger and mix well. Let it stand for about 30 minutes to an hour. This will help the ginger infuse well in the juice. Then strain the mixture through a fine sieve to remove the ginger stalk. Add honey to taste and stir well until it is well dissolved.

Bottle the juice and place in the fridge to chill. Serve well chilled on ice with slices of lemon and orange.


  1. I jux did dat but in ma case I boiled the prekese together with chopped ginger n squeezed lemon. After five minutes , I took it frm the stove n add ma honey to taste.it was for me nutritious as I cant afford buyin coloured drinks for ma family all the time which its nt even good for our health.

    1. Wow that sounds like a nice twist to it. I'll try it too